The Grand & Gangula Experience for a healthy body and soul & wellbeing

Prepare to embark on a peaceful experience in the heart of the culture triangle, as the beauty afforded to you at Eco-Friendly 'Grand & Gangula' soothes and balances your mind, body and soul.

Relax in our picturesque and luscious gardens, as the gentle sounds of the trickling River Gangula playfully dances around you, while you sip on our detoxifying and fresh smoothies straight from our organic gardens, which is charmingly complemented by the sight of the flora and fauna around you which all combines to calm your inner being and please your eyes. Meditating in such a beautiful setting is a serendipitous way to rejuvenate your soul!

Relax and spend time away from busy life styles, as you lose yourself in the experience of tasting traditional healthy cuisine you can find at Grand & Gangula. Our chefs who delicately combine the flavours of the earth to produce traditional Sri Lankan culinary delights handpick our local fruit and vegetables grown in our gardens. One of our most sought after executive chefs comes from an Ayurvedic background, and he is one of the best in Sri Lanka for preparing nourishing and sumptuous traditional dishes that will exquisitely complement your healthy lifestyle!

Make sure you enjoy the warmth of the Dambulla sun as it wraps around your being. Our outdoor swimming pool will still cool off the most heated of bodies. Our masseuses will work away those stress spots with delicate ease, our yoga instructors will guide you in the art of boosting your physical and mental wellbeing and our local and traditional Ayurvedic treatments will cleanse your spirit.*

Our doors are always welcome for those wanting to experience a true and traditional Sri Lankan way of life in terms of wellness for the mind, body and soul.

* Please contact the concierge to arrange yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic sessions.